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After 8 years of business, we have decided to close. Our little side business has been a lot of fun and has taken us to many wonderful and interesting locations. Besides shooting all over San Diego we have flown our RC plane and hexacopter from the tops of huge watertanks, from beaches in Cabo San Lucas, to a pasture in Texas shooting at midnight with a FLIR camera for a TV show!

As time passed our interests have changed and we have decided to move on to new interesting adventures. We thank all our clients over the years who have made this all possible!

Vince & Alison Christine Patron

San Diego Aerial Photos for Real Estate and Construction

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At Nortap, we shoot custom aerial photos in San Diego for real estate and construction taken at low-altitude using our custom radio-control airplane.

Sure we can rent a Cessna or full-size helicopter to shoot aerial photos like other aerial photographers, but by specializing in low-altitude photography, we provide you with beautiful, close-up aerial images of real estate from only 50 to several hundred feet up!

Low-altitude means bright, vivid colors, not the blue haze you get from our competitors flying full-size planes. View more sample photos!

Besides San Diego, we also shoot custom aerial photos in San Francisco, Foster City and surrounding areas and we will can pack up our equipment and travel as needed.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

The Nortap Aerial Advantage


  • LOW ALTITUDE -- shooting at low level means we cut through the haze.
  • HIGH QUALITY -- 7 megapixel Canon cameras; crisp photos, brilliant color!
  • FAST RESULTS -- See your photos on the spot
  • ECONOMICAL -- more economical than full-size helicopter!
  • LOW NOISE -- quiet electric power, not gas!
  • SAFE -- Slow flying plane, under 3 pounds, made of soft foam!
  • IMMEDIATE RESHOOT -- Want a different angle? We can launch again and reshoot!

Excellent for:

  • REAL ESTATE -- show off the entire property and the neighborhood
  • CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS -- do monthly progress reports
  • GOLF COURSES -- show the beauty of course
  • SCENERY -- show it from a beautiful angle no one else can capture
  • And more...
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Arial Photos, Ariel Photo, Aeril Photos or Aeriel Photography
Some people mispell it arial photography, ariel photo, aereal photo or even aeril photos, but the correct spelling is aerial photography.

We don't care if you spell it arial or ariel or aeril or aeriel. We're just glad you found us and we look forward to working on your project!

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